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Miniature Museum Replicas from the Great Empires of the Ancient World (Includes Biblical Artifacts)     
EMPIRES: Assyria Babylon Persia Greece Rome -- KINGDOMS: Egypt Israel
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Build a Fortress
Build Your Own Ancient Fortress

Walls and Towers
Decorative Items


King Jehu Relief
Jehu Relief

Stone Sculpture of a Winged Lamassu,  from Khorsabad
Winged Lamassu

Tiglath-Pileser III Fragment of a gypsum tablet from the palace of Nimrud.
Tiglath-Pileser III

Sargon II in Royal Fashion Limestone Sculpture
Sargon II

Relief of King Ashurbanipal Reposing with His Queen in the Royal Garden
Ashurbanipal Feasting

Detail of Hebrew captives playing music, from Lachish, wandering through a mountain forest, accompanied by an Assyrian warrior carrying a club
Hebrew Captives

Sargon II and his Tartan
Sargon II and Tartan

Trodden Under Foot
Trodden Under Foot

Relief of Tiglath-Pileser III in Chariot
Tiglath-Pileser in Chariot 

Relief of Slaves in a Quarry
Forced Quarry Labor

Winged bull with human head, from the palace of Sargon II at Khorsabad
Winged Bull Guardian

Winged human-headed bull colossus from Khorsabad
Human Headed Bull

Stone Sculpture of Hero Grasping Lion, from Khorsabad
Hero Grasping Lion

Alabaster lion from entrance to temple of Ninurta at Nimrud, reign of Ashurnasirpal II (883-859 BC)
Assyrian Lion

Sargon II and a high official
Sargon and High Official

Relief from Ashurnasirpal II's palace at Nimrud of a winged genius with an eagle's head
Eagle-Headed Deity

Assyrian King Hunting
King Hunting

Lachish Captives
Lachish Captives

Assyrian Slinger (Stonethrower)
Assyrian Slinger

Ashurbanipal Hunting

The Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III
The Black Obelisk

Sennacherib's Hexagonal Prism of Baked Clay also know as the Taylor Prism
Sennacherib's Prism

Assyrian Soldier Holding Shield
Assyrian Soldier 1

Assyrian Soldier Holding Spear
Assyrian Soldier 2

The below images are rated M for excessive violence.
Below images are rated M for violence

Relief of Ashurbanipal Stabbing Lion With Sword
King Stabbing Lion

Relief of Siege Scene with Battering-Ram and Impaled Bodies, gypsum, Palace of Tiglath-pileser III
Battering Ram

Relief depicting the siege of a fortified city
Siege Relief

Assyrian Archers
Assyrian Archers

Assyrian King Blinding Prisoners
Blinding Prisoners

Impaled Prisoners
Impaled Prisoners


The Striding Lion on the Ishtar Gate of Babylon
The Striding Lion

The Weld-Blundell Prism
Weld-Blundell Prism



About Ancient Replicas

This website is a new ministry of Bible History Online and a work in progress. Our desire is to provide a collection of miniature Biblical museum replicas that will help in the study and the teaching of the Bible and history. Our goal is to create a handful of important artifacts from each of the major empires (Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome) and kingdoms (Egypt and Israel) in the ancient world. We will also be creating a fortress for each empire and kingdom as well.

Teach Bible History

Miniature Biblical replicas are interesting and exciting. Our hand-crafted miniature replicas of museum artifacts are great visual aids to show friends, students, children, and anyone about how the Bible has been accurate in the people, places, and events that it mentions. You can also benefit by researching each artifact and teaching its significance and historicity.

Our Replicas

Each replica is made using KingStone which is a unique gypsum stone casting material. They are carved or sculpted museum reproductions created for the study of the Bible and history, with enough accuracy for discussion and teaching. We create two kinds of artifacts:

(1) Historical. Miniature replicas of items that appeared a certain way in history. For example if an ancient temple contained a certain monument that is on display at a museum, we would create a miniature replica of that monument.

(2) Biblical. Miniature replicas of people, things, and events mentioned in the Bible. For example the Bible mentions "Sargon" king of Assyria by name, and since his stone carved portrait was found by archaeologists and is on display at the British Museum, we created a miniature replica.

Our Ancient Fortresses

We have created the various components that make up an ancient fortress. For example the Assyrian Fortress has Outer Walls with parapet battlements at the top for archers. There are also Outer Towers, Entry Towers, Gateways, Processions, Arches, Inner Walls, Inner Rooms, and many different historical artifacts like Winged Bulls, Winged Deities, and Decorative Items that are all inspired by ancient Assyrian History. After Assyria we will be creating the Babylonian Fortress with many Biblical and historical replicas. Then Persia, and then Greece and so on.

Building Your Fortress

It's actually very easy to create the Assyrian fortress the way YOU want. You have walls and towers and artifacts that can be glued together and placed in any order that looks good to you. Please send us your pictures and we will add them to our gallery.

Assembling the Wall and Towers

Each wall and tower has 20 or more pieces, but its easy and fun to glue them together and later paint them. You will need to decide on the glue that you will want to use to assemble the pieces together. We recommend a strong clear glue like wood glue that doesn't color after it dries. There is no need for a glue that is too strong, you don't need gorilla glue or super glue. You also don't need any clamps for this. You can glue the artifacts to the walls and display them however you want.

Painting the Replicas

Each replica comes white and unpainted. We recommend going to a store like Michaels and getting some paint and accessories. The replicas are easy to paint and you can experiment to get the ancient color effect you are looking for. Most of the examples on this website were created using the faux finish painting effect. To achieve this we first painted the item in a darker solid color, and then very lightly brushed a lighter colored overcoat. This gives it a look of being aged and weathered. You can get bronze metallic paint for an interesting ancient bronze effect. We recommend paint that is water based so that clean up is easy.

Information for Parents, Educators, and Churches

Each order comes with the materials that you need for understanding and teaching about each item and artifact. If you have any special requirements please let us know. We also offer group discounts and special customization.

The best way to contact us is by using the email on our contact page


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